Today in History - July 16th. 1715 - Charles de Rohan, Prince of Soubise

July 16th. 1715 marks the birth of Charles de Rohan. This event took place
at the Palace of Versailles near Paris in France.


His parents were Jules, Prince of Soubise, a lieutenant captain of the
gendarmes of the Royal Guard and Anne Julie de Melun.

Charles was styled by birth as Prince of Epinoy till his father's
death  in 1724. That year in fact, both of his parents died due to smallpox.

The young orphan was then entrusted to his grandfather: Hercule Mériadec,
Duke of Rohan-Rohan. Charles grew up at the Royal Court and there he
became a companion of Louis XV. They had the same age...

In the army

At the age of 18, Charles became a Musketeer and soon he had a great

In 1757 at Rossbach, the Prince of Soubise, hadn't much luck he was
defeated by the Prussian army.He stayed in military service until
the Peace of 1763.

After Charles left the army he lived a normal life as a man of fashion
in Paris.

Love & Marriage

Charles married 3 times:

In 1734 he married Anne Marie Louise de la Tour d'Auvergne, The
couple would have one daughter. Charles' first wife died in 1739.

In 1741 he married for the second time. Now he even had a real
Princess: Princess Anna Thérèse of Savoy.They would have a daughter
too. His second wife died in 1745 at the age of 27.

Already in the same year Charles remarried.
He chose Landgravine Victoria of Hesse-Rotenburg as his bride. They
wouldn't have any children.

Charles died on July 1st. 1787 at the age of 71 in Paris.

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