Today in History / OnThis Day - July 9th. 1511 - Dorothea of Saxe-Lauenburg

July 9th. 1511 marks the birth of Dorothea of Saxe-Lauenburg. This event took
place at Lauenburg Castle (a place in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany).

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Her parents were Duke Magnus I of Saxe-Lauenburg and his wife
Catherine of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel.

On October 29th. 1525, Dorothea married Christian of Denmark, although they
had their own courts. The couple would have 5 children.

In 1533 Dorothea became queen, however her coronation took not place
until 1537!

Dorothea liked politics but it was unclear if she had any influence over it.
She also never learned to speak Danish.

Dorothea was described as a strict person with a lot of discipline.
She had a strong control over her ladies-in-waiting and over her children
even if they were adults. She protected her younger children against their
older relatives and she hadn't a good relationship with her eldest son.

When she became a widow in 1559, she visited her children in Germany
regularly (once a year).

But she fell in love with her brother-in-law, Duke John II of Schleswig-
Holstein-Haderslev. This time her eldest son, King Frederick II of Denmark
opposed. She tried hard to accomplish her will but she failed.

In 1567 Dorothea tried to negotiate about the wedding between her son
Magnus and Princess Sophia of Sweden. This took place during the
Seven Year's War in which King Frederick of Denmark tried to conquer

Her son was very angry, he even regarded his mother almost like a traitor!
King Frederick II of Denmark sent Dorothea to Sonderborg Castle where
she spent the rest of her life in exile.

Dorothea died on October 7th. 1571 at the age of 60. She was buried
beside her husband in the Roskilde Cathedral in Denmark.

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