Today in History / OnThisDay - July 21st. 1843 - Establishment of the Antwerp Zoo

On July 21st. 1843, the Antwerp Zoo was established, which makes it one
of the oldest animal parks of the world.

engraving of the Antwerp Zoo -Source picture: Wikipedia

In 1844 King Leopold I of Belgium inaugurated the building and the
predicate 'Royal' was added to its name for this occasion.

During the Olympic Games of 1920 the Antwerp Zoo was the
host for boxing and wrestling games.

In 1969 the Antwerp Zoo emphasized his role in education with the
Zoo Classes. Several decades later even my husband and I went on
a schooltrip to the Antwerp Zoo. 

On January 1st. 1983, the animal park was classified as monument.
In fact there are besides the animals a lot of beautiful buildings like:

- the entrance;
- Egyptian temple;
- Moor temple;
- Aquarium (made in 1910 and designed by Emile Thielens);
- Winter garden.

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