Today in History / OnThisDay - July 24th. 1561 - Maria of the Palatinate-Simmern

July 24th. 1561 marks the birth of Maria of the Palatinate. This event took place
in Heidelberg (Germany). Her parents had been Louis VI, Elector Palatine
and Elisabeth of Hesse.

Mary of the palatinate - Source picture: wikipedia

In April 1578 Prince Charles of Sweden, who was Duke of Södermanland too, 
visited her home and proposed Maria. In this marriage proposal, religion played
a huge role. Maria was Lutheran and Charles was sternly Protestant.

On May 11th. 1579 the wedding took place and Maria followed Charles to
Sweden. There they lived in his Duchy.

Although there were no portraits of Mary, she was described as beautiful,
gentle and diplomatic and her marriage to Charles IX of Sweden was happy. 
She accompanied him around the Duchy as long as her pregnancies made it
possible. The Royal Couple would have 6 children.

Mary died on July 29 -th. 1589 in Eskilstuna. She was buried in the
Strängnäs Cathedral. It was said that then Duke Charles mourned her

The town Mariestad (founded in 1583) and the Royal estate Marieholm
are named after her.

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