Today in History / OnThisDay - July 30th. 1683 - Maria Theresa of Spain, Queen Consort of France and Navarre

Maria Theresa of Spain was born on September 10th. 1638 at
the Royal Monastery of El Escorial, as a daughter of 
King Philip IV of Spain and his wife Elisabeth of France.

 Maria Therese of Spain, Source picture: Wikipedia

Maria Theresa was a member of the House of Habsburg and
she could use the titles Infanta of Spain and Archduchess of
Austria as well. 

In 1658 Anne of Austria, the mother of King Louis XIV of 
France (who was born in Spain) wanted to end the hospitalities
between her native country and her adopted one, France, so she 
desired a marriage between her son and Maria Theresa of Spain.

The negotiations for this marriage contract were very hard.
There was a fear that France would overrule Spain....

Finally on June 7th. 1660 Maria Theresa of Spain left her
native country and on June 9th the wedding took place.

On August 26th. 1660 the Royal Couple made their 
traditional Joyous Entry into Paris. It was said that Louis
was faithful to his wife for the first year. 

Maria Theresa liked to play cards and gambling, 
she had no interest in politics or literature. 

Maria Theresa tolerated her husband's infidelity with 
marquise de Montespan. 

As Queen Consort of France she wasn't involved in political 
life except for the years 1667, 1672 and 1678, 
when she acted as regent while
her husband was away on campaigns on the frontier.

In July 1683 Maria Theresa fell ill and she died a painful
death on July 30th. 1683 at Versailles. 

Louis XIV said about her death:
"This is the first trouble which she has given me."

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