My Happy History Weekend Picture - The Aachen Rathaus

Besides places with a huge History, I'm fascinated by City Halls. The combination
of the two is wonderful for me. That was in Aachen (Western Germany) certainly
the case. Aachen was the favorite residence of Charlemagne and the place where
the German Kings were crowned.The most famous landmark of Aachen is the
Cathedral, but I liked the Rathaus very much.

aachen Rathaus City Hall Germany
Own picture - Aachen Rathaus

In the first half of the 14th. century Aachens 's citizenry built the City Hall
under the leadership of its acting mayor Gerhard Chorus to show their civic
freedom, however the citizens made a promise to establish a space in the
new City Hall that could host the traditional coronation meals.

aachen rathaus germany tower

Rathaus Tower- Old & New standing next to each other -  Own picture 

The Construction of the Rathaus began in 1330 on top of the foundation
walls of the Aula Regia, built during the time of Charlemagne. It was
completed in 1349 and the City Hall served as the administrative center of the
city, it housed a part of the munitions and weaponry and it
served as a prison.

aachen rathaus germany

During the Great Fire of Aachen in 1656 parts of the roofs and towers
were burned and a restoration took place.

On June 29th. 1883 a new fire took place and the City Hall
was damaged.

On November 1st. 1884 the City of Aachen initiated a contest among the
German architects to see who would rebuild their City Hall. The first prize
went to Georg Frentzen. The restoration was finished in 1902 and the
unveiling of the Rathaus took place with the blessing of Emperor Wilhelm II
of Germany on June 19th. 1902.

The Rathaus survived World War I with no huge damage, but during the
first days of the Republic the City Hall was stormed by a group of
separatists who caused serious damage.

During World War II the City Hall was seriously damaged by bombing
raids. New restoration works took place.The tower caps were finally
finished in 1978.

aachen rathaus germany
A mini Aachen Rathaus 

Since 2009, the Aachen City Hall has been a station on the
Charlemagne Route. This is a program with historical spaces which are
open for public.

Just like before the Aachen City Hall is the seat of the Mayor as well
as the City Council.

So, this was my Happy Weekend Picture and its History. I wish you a 
wonderful Weekend and a great new week!

I'd like to thank you for reading this blog and your interest in History.
It's good to know the History to understand the Present time.

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