Royal Destinations - Astrid Chapel in Küssnacht, Switzerland

On August 29th. 1935, Astrid of Sweden, Queen Consort of Belgium,
died in a car accident in Küssnacht, Switzerland.

A memorial chapel was built at the accident scene. I could visit this place full
of tragic history in 2010 during a visit to Switzerland.

Küssnacht is situated at the north shore of the lake Lucerne and it is really a
nice and quiet municipality. The Astrid Chapel was for me the main reason
to visit this beautiful place.

Astrid Chapel Küssnacht Switzerland
Astrid Chapel in Küssnacht - Switzerland

There are a lot of traces which refer to the Belgian Royal Family.

Belgian Royal Family traces in Küssnacht - Switzerland

Memorial plate in Küssnacht - Switzerland

And of course there is a memorial plate too.

own picture 2010

In 2015, King Philippe of the Belgians, grandson of Queen Astrid, 
attended a service in this Astrid Chapel, to remember her tragic 
death 80 years ago.

If you want to know more about this Swedish Princess, who became 
Queen of the Belgians, read my Today in History of a few years ago
on my blog or on this link.

Astrid of Belgium - Source picture: Wikipedia

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