Today in History - August 31st. 1863 - Princess Isabella of Bavaria

Princess Isabella Maria Elisabeth of Bavaria was born on August 31st. 1863
as a daughter of Prince Adalbert of Bavaria and his wife Infanta Amelia
Philippina of Spain.

Source picture: wikipedia

Family ties

Prince Adalbert of Bavaria was the fourth son of King Ludwig I of Bavaria
and Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen.

Infanta Amelia was a daughter of Infante Francisco de Paula of Spain, a
younger brother of Ferdinand VII of Spain.

Love & Marriage

In 1883 @ Nymphenburg Palace in Bavaria, Princess Isabella married
Prince Thomas, Duke of Genoa. He was the only son of
Prince Ferdinand, Duke of Genoa and his wife
Princess Elisabeth of Saxony.

The wedding was described as remarkable for good taste and simplicity.
King Ludwig II of Bavaria (Isabella's cousin) did not attend, he rarely
went to public events.

One attendee observed that:

the absence of the King meant that the wedding guests could 
enjoy themselves in an atmosphere
of conviviality which is rarely found in Court festivities.

The couple would have 6 children. They also attended many
important events on behalves of their families.


On February 26th. 1924 Isabella died of bronchial pneumonia in Rome.
She had been ill for several days.

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