Today in History / On this Day - August 10th. 1889 - Opening of the Museum of Natural History in Vienna

The Museum of Natural History (in German: Naturhistorisches Museum)
was opened om August 10th. 1889. This museum has a royal connection
and so a great history for me.

Emperor Franz Joseph I (husband of Sisi) ordered to build a Ringstrasse
in Vienna and he asked for a place were the private collection of different
members of the House of Habsburg could be exhibited for public.

On the Maria Theresien Platz in Vienna a beautiful building, almost
a palace was created. The architect was Karl Hasenauer (who won a
competition). The construction works started in 1871.

Museum Vienna Austria

Me before the Museum of Natural History in Vienna

The collection was bought in 1750 by emperor Francis (in German: Franz).
He was the husband of Maria Theresia (who actually ruled the areas of the
House of Habsburg).  See my page the House of Habsburg on top of my blog
or on this link

Museum Vienna Austria

inside the Museum of Natural History in Vienna

Each year, over 500.000 tourists visits this museum. I visited the museum in 
2011  and,believe me, it is amazing! There is a huge collection of minerals and 
much more.

Museum Vienna Austria
Me in the Museum

On this link, you can check the website of the museum. 

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