Today in History - On This Day - August 28th. 1744 - Friederike Auguste of Anhalt-Bernburg

August 28th. 1744 marks the birth of Friederike Auguste of Anhalt-Bernburg.
She was the daughter of Victor Frederick, Prince of Anhalt-Bernburg and
Albertine of Brandenburg-Schwedt.

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On May 22nd. 1764 Friederike Auguste married Frederick Augustus,
Prince of Anhalt-Zerbst. Their almost identical names must have been

He was a younger brother of Empress Catherine the Great of Russia.

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In 1765 the couple settled in Basel. Frederick August was living in exile,
due to a conflict with Prussia. 

Between 1780-1791 Friederike Auguste left in Basel apart from her husband
who moved to Luxembourg.

In 1793 her husband died and their marriage remained childless.
His territories were divided between his relatives.

However in one area, Jever (northern Germany), a female rule was allowed.
This was inherited by Empress Catherine the Great.
The Empress of Russia appointed her sister-in-law
as governor of Jever. Friederike Auguste was an active regent who made a
lot of reforms.

In 1806 Friederike Auguste was forced to abdicate due to
Napoleon Bonaparte (Jever was taken by France).

Fiederike Auguste spent the rest of her life @ Coswig Castle in Anhalt.
There she died on April 12th. 1827.

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