History On This Day - September 14th. 1632 - Francis Hyacinth, Duke of Savoy

Francis Hyacinth (in Italian: Francesco Giacinto di Savoia) was born
on September 14th. 1632 at the Castle Valentino in Turin.

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His parents were Victor Amadeus I, Duke of Savoy and
Christine Marie of France (daughter of Henry IV of France and
Maria de' Medici).

The Duke of Savoy also held the following titles:
Marquess of Saluzzo (was a place in Piedmont);
Count of Aosta;
Count of Morianna;
Count of Nice

In October 1637 his father died. Francis Hyacinth was then 5
years old and he succeeded as Duke of Savoy with his mother as

On October 4th. 1638 Francis Hyacinth caught a fever and he died.
He was buried in the Sacra di San Michele in Turin.

Francis Hyacinth was succeeded by his brother Charles Emmanuel II.

Trivia by Lisi @empressofHAB on Twitter

The father of Francis Hyacinth could become Emperor as Franz Joseph.
Then Francis Hyacinth, might have been Crown Prince Rudolph who
died at Mayerling. Luckily for Francis Hyacinth, Duke of Savoy, history
turned out different ...

Castle Valentina Turin Italy - Source picture: wikipedia

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