Today in History / On This Day - September 24th. 1562 - Ercole, Lord of Monaco

September 24th. 1562 marks the birth of Ercole (also called Hercules).
This took place in the beautiful  Monaco. His parents had been
Honoré I, Lord of Monaco and Isabella Grimaldi.

Ercole - Hercules - Source picture: Wikipedia


Ercole was the youngest son of Honoré and Isabella. His elder brother
Charles became Lord of Monaco in 1581.

In 1587 Charles died without any children. Ercole became the new lord
at the age of 27.

Love & Marriage

On September 15th. 1595 he married Maria Landi. They would have 3

On November 29th. 1604 Ercole was murdered and his six year old son
Honoré became Lord of Monaco under the regency of his uncle (from
mother side).


This Honoré was the first Lord of Monaco who was called Prince ...

Monaco Harbour
Monaco - own picture taken in 2013

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