Today in History / On This Day - September 28th. 1429 - Cymburgis of Masovia & the Habsburg lip?

Cymburgis of Masovia was born around 1394 or 1397 in Warsaw,
then located in the Duchy of Masovia now it is a famous place in Poland.

Her parents were Siemowit IV, Duke of Masovia and his wife
Alexandra of Lithuania.

On January 25th. 1412 she married Ernst, Duke of Austria in Cracow
but the rest of the family objected this marriage.

However it turned out to be a happy one and they would have
nine children, four of them survived childhood.

Cymburgis of Masovia was the mother of Frederick who became later
Frederick III, Holy Roman Emperor. Due to this, Cymburgis she was
the ancestress of the members from the House of Habsburg.

Some historians claimed that she was the source for the famous
Habsburg Lip also called the Habsburg Jaw which was characterized
by a large under bite and and a strong chin.

Cymburgis died on September 28th. 1429 in Türnitz (Austria) and she
was buried at the Lilienfield Abbey.

Cymburgis - Source picture: Wikipedia

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