Today in History / On This Day - September 29th. 1567 - Duke of Alba arrested Egmont and Horn

During the diner on September 29th. 1567, the Duke of Alba,
arrested the Counts of Egmont and Horn for treason.

Egmont and Horn Statue in Brussels - own picture taken in 2017

Despite the warning of William of Orange the Counts of Egmont and 
Horn wanted to stay in in Brussels, while the William the Silent
fled out of the country.

They were taken captive in Ghent and on June 4th. 1568 condemned to death.
On June 5th. 1568 they were beheaded before the Town Hall at the 
Grand Place in Brussels.

I think, I'm going to have a different view 
of the Town Hall at the Grand Place
in Brussels, now I know more about its history  

Their deaths led to huge protests in The Netherlands and contributed the
resistance against the Spanish ruler.

On a previous post I wrote about the Egmont Palace, which you can read on
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Did you know that even Goethe mentioned Egmont in a play?
This play was completed in 1788.

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