Today in History / OnThisDay - September 25th. 1680 - Adam Franz Karl, Prince of Schwarzenberg

September 25th. 1680 marks the birth of Adam Franz Karl. This event
took place in Linz. His parents were Ferdinand Wilhelm Prince of
Schwarzenberg and Countess Maria Anna of Sulz.

Schwarzenberg - Source picture: Wikipedia

Love & Marriage

On December 6th. 1701 he married Princess Eleonore Elisabeth Amalia
Magdalena of Lobkowicz. They would have 2 children.


Prince Adam Franz Karl of Schwarzenberg was Grand Marshall at the
Imperial Court. He had the following titles:

Prince of Scharzenberg;
Member of the Order of the Golden Fleece;
Duke of Ceský.


After 31 years of marriage Prince Adam Franz Karl of Schwarzenberg
was killed in an hunting accident. Emperor Charles VI fired the shot.

The Prince died on June 11th. 1732. He was buried in the Augustinian
Church in Vienna.

Afterwards Emperor Charles VI took the son of Prince Adam Franz Karl,
to the imperial court. His widow would receive some money for his death.

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