Today in History - September 1st. 1821 -- Leopold III, Prince of Lippe

September 1st. 1821 marks the birth of Leopold III of Lippe.
This event took place in Detmold (Germany).

Source picture: wikipedia

His parents were Leopold II of Lippe and his wife,
Emilie of Schwarzburg Sonderhausen.

In 1843/1844 he traveled to Italy and Constantinople as a study trip.
In Constantinople, Leopold III was received by Sultan Abdülmecid I.

On January 1st. 1851 he succeeded his father as Prince of Lippe.
On April 17th. 1852 he married Princess Elisabeth of Schwarzburg-

It is nice to know that Johannes Brahms, the famous composer, was
a member of his household as music teacher of Leopold III's sister

Leopold III of Lippe died on December 8th. 1875 without heirs.
Woldemar, his brother, succeeded him as Prince of Lippe.

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