History OnThisDay - October 30th. 1794 - Prince Frederick of Prussia

Prince Friedrich Wilhelm Ludwig of Prussia (in English: Frederick) was
born on October 30th. 1794.

His parents were Prince Louis Charles of Prussia and Duchess Frederica
of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (who became later Queen of Hanover).

From 1815, the Prince served as Commander. He lived in a Palace in the
Wilhelmstrasse (Berlin).

Love and Marriage

There were noble candidates who wanted to marry him, inter alia
Princess Charlotte of Wales (who would later marry Prince Leopold
of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld). The pair met each other several times.

However Prince Frederick was suddenly engaged to Princess
Louis of Anhalt-Bernburg (daughter of Alexius Frederick Christian,
Duke of Anhalt-Bernburg). The two married on November 21st. 1817.
They would have two sons.

In 1855 Prince Frederick would live separated from his wife, due to her
chronic  nervous disease. Although each year at their common birth day,
he visited his wife in Düsseldorf.


In 1820 Prince Frederick became Commander of the 20th Division in
Düsseldorf. He had his residence in Jägerhof Castle. This soon became
the center of social and cultural life of the city. Prince Frederick and his
wife were both interested in art and they were talented artists themselves.

He founded the Düsseldorf art, music and drama club and served as
its patron.

Prince Frederick also had a keen interest in the Middle Ages
and in the Castles of the Rhine Province. He bought Fatzberg Castle
and turned it into a summer residence and named it Burg Rheinstein.

During the revolutions of 1848 Prince Frederick was recalled to Berlin.


Prince Frederick of Prussia died on July 27th. 1863 in Berlin.
He was buried in a chapel he had built at Burg Rheinstein.


Did you know that the town of Fredericksburg in Texas (USA), also known as
Frizburg, was named after this Frederick by the founder of the town: baron
John O. Meusenbach?

Source pictures: Wikipedia

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