Noble families in Belgium - De Spoelberch and brewery AB InBev

Last week AB InBev and SABMiller announced that there was an
agreement in principle about a take-over. The offer estimated SABMiller,
the brewery of inter alia  Pilsner Urquell, Grolsch, Foster's, Peroni and Miller on
96 billion Euro. SABMiller has two big shareholders: the group Altria
and the Colombian family Santo Domingo.

One member of the family Santo Domingo, Tatiana,
married Andrea Casiraghi, the eldest son of the Princess
of Hanover and the 4th in the line of succession of the
Monegasque throne.

So far the economic news and the Royals of Monaco.

Leffe Ab InBev

Did you know that some of the families behind AB InBev
are aristocrats? The most famous is the noble family De Spoelberch
(also called Van Spoelberch) & their family tree started already in the
14th. century.

In 1636, Jan Baptist van Spoelberch was a warlord in service of the
Holy Roman Emperor. Emperor Ferdinand II granted him the title of

King Philip IV of Spain confirmed the elevation of the peerage to
Ferdinand van Spoelberch (son of Jan Baptist).

King William (Willem I) of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands
granted 4 descendants of Jan Baptist Spoelberch, as peerage.
They became viscount.

The members of this noble family lived in and around Leuven, they
were gentry, some of them were active in the army and they really
had an amazing policy for concluding good marriages.

In 1873 Adolphe de Spoelberch married Elise Willems, daughter
of the brewer of Artois. Amélie Willems (sister of Elise) married
senator Eugène de Mevius.

The family grouped themselves into companies, who lived not only
from their dividends.

Important dates

In 1988 the brewery merged with Piedboeuf (family Van Damme),
to form the group Interbrew.

In 2004 they merge with the Brazilian brewing Group AmBev.

In 2008 the group bought the American brewery Anheuser-Busch and
it became one of the biggest brewery concerns in the world.

The Leffe picture

Leffe is one of the International brands of AB InBev. Other famous
beers are Stella Artois, Corona, Jupiler etc.

The picture was taken in Brasserie Leffe in Ostend, a very good
place for having dinner or lunch.

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