Royal Destinations - Lissewege, the white village in West Flanders, Belgium

Between Bruges and Bruges on Sea (Zeebrugge), a very idyllic white town is located.
It is called Lissewege.

Lisseweg West Flanders Belgium
Even the Railway station is beautiful - Own picture

This location was already mentioned in 961. Its arise came due to the construction
of dykes and the drains , which should protect the region. The textile industry
ensured the wealth of the little town.

What really strikes every visitor of Lissewege is the large church. Why was such
a big church built in such a small village?

Lissewege church side view
Lissewege Church
The large church in Lissewege  - Own picture

This church led to many unsolved questions. 
Inter alia:
Who gave the money for this amazing building? 

1/ Did the money came from the Knights Templar?

This order was extremely wealthy and it became popular but in 1307
the Knights Templar were arrested in France and their patron would
end on a stake.

There are a lot of stories about the Knights Templar. One of them
tells that the Knights Templar rented people to build chapels, churches 
and cathedrals. In each church they left a signature. Some people would
have recognized the signature in the church of Lissewege.

Lissewege Belgium

2/ Did the money came from The Lords of Lissewege?

The noble family 'of Lisseweghe' lived during some centuries on their castle
and they performed some excellent tasks in Bruges and for the Counts of 
Flanders. However the castle was demolished in 1838. 

In 1106, Lambert, Lord of Lisseweghe gave a domain with a chapel to the
Order of the saint Benedict. The abbey Thosan was founded. This was 
renamed to Ter Doest. In 1175 the Benedictines went to the abbey
Ter Duinen in Koksijde. 

Lissewege and art

The white village

Nowadays Lissewege is listed in the list of the fifty most beautiful towns
of Flanders. 

It is also known as the town of Artists.

How to visit?

Lissewege can be visted from the Beach Town Blankenberge by walking
(around 6km one way). It also has its own railwaystation and there are other

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