Today in History / On this Day - October 9th. 1914 - Siege of Antwerp - World War I

The Siege of Antwerp (in Dutch: Het beleg van Antwerpen) took place from
September 28th. 1914 till October 10th. 1914.

This was a battle between Belgian, French and British troops against the
German troops around the fortress of Antwerp during World War I.

A German bombardment started on September 28th. 1914 and it was already
from the beginning clear that the Belgian troops had no chance on victory.

The city of Antwerp was protected under the command of the military
Governor General of Victor Deguise. He was ordered by King Albert I of

The withdrawal of the Allies took place on October 9th. 1914. They moved
to Ghent and later to Bruges and Ostend. Later that day the German troops
found the fortifications almost empty.

On October 10th. 1914 the last members of the Antwerp Garrison surrendered
and the city was occupied by German troops.

Source picture: Wikipedia

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