My Happy Weekend Picture - Kapelbrücke 'Chapel Bridge' in Lucerne Switzerland

One of the oldest wooden bridges in Europe is located in Lucerne
(in German: Luzern). It is called the Kapelbrücke, in
English the Chapel Bridge.

Switzerland Luzern Lucerne Wooden Bridge
Kapelbrücke Lucern Switzerland

The bridge itself dated from 1333. It was a part of the fortifications of
Lucerne and it linked the old town on the right bank to the new
town on the left bank.

The Kapelbrücke was used for securing the city from an attack from the south.
Throughout the ages the tower was used for several functions: prison, torture
chamber and municipal archive. Today it is closed for public although it houses
a souvenir shop.

The bridge is very unique because of its painted triangle frames.

Lucerne Switzerland Kapelbruücke
Kapelbrücke Lucern Switzerland

This paintings date back from the 17th. century and they were made by a
local painter: Hans Heinrich Wägmann. It shows events from Lucerne's

Lucerne and a sad Royal Link

On September 10th. 1898 Empress Elisabeth of Austria, called Sisi,
was murdered by Luigi Lucheni. After this he had to go to a court to
hear his condemnation, however he noticed that Geneva abolished
capital punishment. He wrote a letter to ask a trial in the canton of
Lucerne. At that time executions were still permitted in Lucerne. Instead of
an execution, he was sent to prison. In October 1910 Lucheni hanged
himself in his cell.

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