Today in History - On This Day - November 1st. 1339 - Rudolf IV, Duke of Austria

On November 1st. 1339 a very noble boy was born. He received the name Rudolf.
His parents were Duke Albert II of Austria and Joanna of Pfirt. It was said that
Rudolf already as a young man, he already had the air of a King.

Source picture: Wikipedia

On July 13th. 1356  Rudolf married Catherina of Luxembourg,
daughter of emperor Charles IV and Blanche of Valois.
This marriage was arranged as a part of peace negotiations with Austria.

In 1365 Rudolf founded the University of Vienna. This building is still known as the
Alma Mater Rudolphina. It is the oldest University in the German speaking world.

He considered Austria as is home and this made him popular. Rudolf became one
of the most energetic and active rulers in Austria.

Rudolf died suddenly in Milan in 1365 at the age of 25. He and his wife were
buried in the Ducal Crypt under the Stephansdom in Vienna.

Vienna Stephansdom
Austria - Vienna - Stephansdom - own picture

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