Today in History - On This Day - November 14th. 1567 - Maurice Prince of Orange

Maurice  (in Dutch: Maurits) of Nassau was born on November 14th. 1567
at Dillenburg (now located in Germany).


His parents had been William the Silent and Princess Anna of Saxony.
Although he was raised by his uncle Johan of Nassau.

Maurice studied in Heidelberg and later in Leiden. He was 16 years
old when his father was murdered in Delft.


He became soon stadtholder, through the title wasn't inheritable.

Rebellion against Spain

Maurice organised the rebellion against Spain. He mobilized the
Dutch State Army together with his cousin Willem Lodewijk and they
studied military history, strategy and tactics.


Maurice was known by historians as the first general of his age. He
participated in many battles inter alia:

Hulst, Ostend, Nieuwpoort, Sluis ...


Maurits of Nassau died on April 23rd. 1625 in The Hague.
He was buried in the New Church in Delft.


Did you know that the island nation Mauritius was named after him?
Dutch immigrants named the island in honor of their prince.

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