Today in History - On this Day - November 16th. 1531 - Anna d'Este

Anna d'Este was born on November 16th. 1531 as the eldest daughter of
Ercole II d'Este and Princess Renée of France.

Anna was through her mother a granddaughter of King Louis XII of France,
however she grew up in Ferrara (Italy).
There she received an excellent education.

On September 28th. 1548 Anna married (after long negotiations) with
Francis, Duke of Aumale (son of the Duke of Guise). Through this
marriage she became a member of the powerful Guise family. They
would have 7 children.

Anna also had a very good relation with the Queen and later the
Queen mother,Catherine de' Medici, due to her Italian roots. This
made that Anna had a considerable influence at the
Royal Court of France.

On February 24th. 1563 Francis, Duke of Aumale was murdered and
Anna wanted revenge. She took all the possible steps to sue the leader of
the French Huguenots. Anna held Gaspard de Coligny responsible for the
murder of her husband. This led indirectly to the Bartholomew's Day
massacre in 1572.

On April 29th. 1566 Anna married Jacques de Savoie, Duke of Nemours
and Genevois. She would have 3 children with Jacques

Anna d'Este died on May 17th. 1607 in Paris. The value of her movable
goods was estimated on more than 4.000 French livres.

Source pictures: wikipedia

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