Today in History - On This Day - December 22nd. 1573 - Ernest Casimir, Count of Nassau-Dietz

Ernest Casimir, Count of Nassau-Dietz was born on December 22nd. 1573
in Dillenburg (Germany).

His parents were John VI, Count of Nassau-Dillenburg and Countess
Elisabeth of Leuchtenberg.

After the death of John VI the County of Nassau was divided between
his 5 living sons. Ernest Casimir succeeded him as Count of Nassau-Dietz.

Ernest Casimir served under Maurits, Prince of Orange during the
Eighty Years War. He also served under Frederick Henry, Prince of Orange,
by the siege of the cities Steenwijk and Oldenzaal.

In 1607 Ernest Casimir married Sophie Hedwig of Brunswick-Lüneburg.
They would have nine children.

Ernest Casimir owned little in Friesland (now part of The Netherlands),
however he was very popular there.

During the siege of Roermond Ernest Casimir was killed by a bullet
on June 2nd. 1632. He was succeeded by his son as Count of Nassau-Dietz.

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