Today in History - On this Day - December 26th. 1643 - Ernest Alexandre Dominique d'Arenberg

Ernest Alexandre Dominique d'Arenberg was born on December 26th.1643
as a son of Philippe de Ligne d'Arenberg and Theodora Maximilienne
van Gaveren Herimez.

After the death of his father Ernest Alexandre Dominique d'Arenberg became
the 10th. Fürst - Prince de Chimay.

Escutcheon de Chimay - Source: Wikipedia

Prince de Chimay is a title associated with the town of Chimay, which is now
located in Belgium.

Ernest  Alexandre Dominique d'Arenberg, the 10th. Prince de Chimay served
for the Spanish King in the Netherlands.

In 1675 he became a knight in the Order of the Golden Fleece. The same year
Ernest Alexandre Dominique d'Arenberg married Maria de Cardenas. She was
a lady-in-waiting of the Spanish Queen. There were no children from this

From 1680 till 1684 he was governor from Luxembourg. As a governor of 
Luxembourg he had to protect the capital against King Louis XIV of France.
During the siege of 1684 he first could defend the city but later he was forced
to surrender.

He died without heirs on June 3rd. 1686 in Pamplona (Spain). After his death,
he was succeeded by his aunt Anne, Princess of Chimay. Through her husband
the title Prince of Chimay passed to the family de Hénin-Liétard. 

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