Today in History - On This Day - December 28th. 1526 - Anna Maria of Brandenburg - Ansbach

Anna Maria of Brandenburg - Ansbach was born on December 28th. 1526 at
Jägerndorf as a daughter of George, Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach
and his second wife Hedwig of Münsterberg-Oels.

Anna Maria of Brandenburg - Ansbach was raised with the Lutheran faith
and on February 24th. 1544 she became the wife of
Christof, Duke of Württemberg. 12 Children were born from this marriage.

In 1568 Anna Maria of Brandenburg- Ansbach lost both her husband and her
eldest son. After that drama she fell madly in love with the young Landgrave
George I of Hesse - Darmstadt. She became confused and was locked up.
Later George I of Hesse-Darmstadt would marry Eleonore. She was one of
Anna Maria's daughters.

Anna Maria of Brandenburg-Ansbach died on May 20th. 1589 in Nürtingen,
a town in southern Germany. She was buried at the
St. George's Collegiate Church in Tübingen.

Source picture: Wikipedia

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