Today in History - On this Day - December 4th. 1800 - Fenwick Williams

Sir William Fenwick Williams was born on December 4th. 1800 as the
second son of Thomas Williams. He spent his early years in
Nova Scotia (Canada).


However there was a huge rumor that William  Fenwick Williams was
the natural son of Prince Edward, Duke of Kent and Strathearn. He
could be the half brother of Queen Victoria. William never denied this,
but it is thought not to be true.


He went to the Royal Military academy in Woolwich, in 1825 he entered
the Royal Artillery as second lieutenant.

In 1841 his services were lent to Turkey where William was employed
as captain in the arsenal in Constantinople.

During the Crimean War he was forced to surrender, and he was taken
captive at Rayazan. Before returning home William Fenwick Williams
met Czar Alexander II of Russia.

Between 1865 -1867 he became Governor of Nova Scotia and in
Gibraltar between 1870 - 1876.


Sir William Fenwick Williams died on July 26th. 1883 in a hotel
at the Pall Mall in London. There he was buried at the
Brompton Cemetery


In Halifax (Canada) there is a tower and a street named after him.
In Nova Scotia (Canada) a port is named after him: Port Williams.

Source picture: Wikipedia

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