Today in History - On This Day - December 7th. 2001 - Princess Maria Francesca of Savoy

Maria Francesca of Savoy was born on December 26th. 1914 in Rome,
the capital of Italy.


Her parents were King Victor Emanuel III of Italy and Elena of Montenegro.
Maria Francesca was the youngest daughter, she had one brother, Umberto II
of Italy, and three sisters: Yolanda, Mafalda and Giovanna (future Tsaritsa of


On January 23rd. 1939 Princess Maria Francesca married 
Prince Luigi Carlo of Bourbon-Parma, a younger son of Robert I, Duke of
Parma and a brother of Zita, Empress of Austria. They would have 4 children.


Princes Maria Francesca often went to ceremonies and events where she 
showed a sense of charity and love for the country. In Rome there even is 
a school named after her. 

In 1943 she was internet in a concentration camp in Germany with her 
husband and two of her children. In 1945 the American soldiers saved them
and sent the family back to Italy.

In 1946 a referendum took place and the monarchy was abolished.
Then she moved with her husband Mandelieu, near Cannes in France.

In 1967 she became a widow and she withdrew from public life, except
for the funeral of her brother Umberto in 1983.

In 1991 her first born child died. That was a great loss for her. 

Some of her grandchildren wanted to writhe a biography about her, but
that she always refused. She didn't want to talk about her stay in the
concentration camp. 


Princess Maria Francesca of Savoy died on December 7th. 2001
in Mandelieu.

Source pictures: Wikipedia

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