Royal Books: Diana's Boys written by Christopher Andersen

Diana's Boys - William and Harry and the mother they loved - is a book written by
Christopher Andersen in 2001. On the picture it is the Dutch translation issued by
the House of Books.

Books about Diana, Princess of Wales
About the author:

Christopher Andersen is an American Journalist and author of 32 books.
He wrote inter alia:

The Day Diana Died (1998);
After Diana: William, Harry, Charles and the House of Windsor (2007);
William and Kate: A Royal Love Story (2010)

About the book:

The book - Diana's Boys - is easy to read although it is such a tragic topic.
The author used quotes, which are based on Diana, Princess of Wales and
Charles, Prince of Wales.


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Source picture: Picture taken from the book (in Dutch).

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