Today in History - On this Day - January 18th. 1657 - Henry Casimir II of Nassau-Dietz

Henry Casimir II of Nassau-Dietz was born on January 18th. 1657 in
The Hague (The Netherlands) as the eldest son of
Willem Frederik of Nassau-Dietz and Albertine Agnes of Nassau.

In 1664 Henry Casimir was made stadtholder of Friesland and Groningen.
Due to his age, his mother took the guardianship.

In 1683 Henry Casimir married his cousin:
Henriëtte Amalia of Anhalt-Dessau. The couple would have 9

Henry Casimir II died on March 25th. 1696 (at the age of 39)
in Leeuwaarden. There he was buried in the family crypt.

After his death Henry Casimir II was succeeded by his son
John William Friso.

Source pictures: wikipedia

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