Today in History - On This Day - January 30th. 1384 - Death of Louis II of Flanders

Louis II, Count of Flanders, Nevers and Rethel was born on
October 25th. 1330 at the Male Castle near Bruges (now Belgium).

His parents were Louis I of Flanders and Margaret of Burgundy.
Louis II, Count of Flanders was a member of the House of Dampierre.

In 1346 Louis I of Flanders died during the Battle of Crécy against
King Edward III of England. Louis II became the new count.

In 1347 Louis married Margaret of Brabant, daughter of
Duke John III of Brabant and Mary of Évreux.

In 1349 Louis returned to Flanders to take up his new role as

On April 13th. 1350 Margaret of Brabant gave birth to a daughter.
She would be Margaret III, Countess of Flanders.

When his daughter was 7 years old, Louis II of Flanders made an
agreement that she married Philip I, Duke of Burgundy. He died in

Louis II 's daughter became a highly popular bride as she was courted
by Edmund of Langley, a son of King Edward III of England and
Philip the Bold, a son of King John II of France. Louis II made an
agreement with the French King and the marriage between Margaret
and Philip the Bold was celebrated at the St. Bavo Cathedral in
Ghent in 1369.

On January 30th. 1384 Louis II of Flanders died in Lille (now located
in France).

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