Weekend Picture - Herrenchiemsee Palace

When King Ludwig II of Bavaria purchased the former
Herrenchiemsee monastery and gave the order to convert
it in a Royal Residence, he never knew his fate.

The Herrenchiemsee is a complex of Royal Buildings which is
located 60 km south of Munich (Germany).

Herrenchiemsee Palace Ludwig II Bavaria
Herrenchiemsee Palace Chiemsee Bavaria Germany

The New Palace was built between 1863 and 1885. It was designed in a 
Neo-Baroque style, due to King Ludwig's admiration of King Louis XIV of 

The most tragic thing is that King Ludwig of Bavaria spent only a few
days in this Palace. One year after the construction works were finished, the
King died. 

His death caused a construction stop. 50 of the 70 rooms were still incomplete.

Fountains at Herrenchiemsee Castle Bavaria
Herrenchiemsee Palace Bavaria Germany

In 1923 Crown Prince Rupert of Bavaria gave the New Palace at the
Herrenchiemsee to the State of Bavaria.

Nowadays it is open for public with guided tours.  

To visit

Herrenchiemsee is easily accessible by train from Munich. The Chiemsee is
a walk from the railwaystation or you can take a steamtrain.

The guided tours are with a fixed time and they even are in a lot of languages.

This New Palace really is worth a visit!

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