Royal Destinations - Elisenbrunnen in Aachen - Germany

One of the most beautiful buildings in Aachen, Germany is the Elisenbrunnen,

About the building

The Elisenbrunnen were built  after the plans of architects:
Johann Peter Cremer and Karl Friedrich Schinkel

Its style is Neoclassicism.

About the name & Royal Link

The Elisenbrunnen were called after Elisabeth Ludovika, Princess of Bavaria,
who married the future King Frederick William IV of Prussia.

About its history

Since long Aachen was famous for its Spa. A lot of famous (royal) guests
came therefore to Aachen inter alia:

King Frederick the Great of Prussia;
Czar Peter the Great of Russia.

In 1819, the council of the city decided to build a "Brunnenhall".

The first stone was placed on November 16th. 1822.

On May 2nd. 1827 the Elisenbrunnen were opened, although the
official inauguration took place in 1828.

Inside marble panels remember the famous guests of Aachen.

During World War II the Elisenbrunnen was destroyed by bombs,
however, the building was renovated later.

On the picture you can see that the Elisenbrunnen isn't changed a lot 
since then. 

Elisenbrunnen Aachen Germany

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