Today in History - On this Day - February 14th. 1515 - Frederick III, Elector Palatinate

Frederick III of Simmern was born on February 14th. 1515 as a son
of John II of Simmern and Beatrice of Baden.

Noble House

Frederick III of Simmern was a member of the House of Wittelsbach,
from the branch Palatinate - Simmern - Sponhein.

Love & Marriage

In 1537 Frederick III of Simmern married Marie of Brandenburg-Kulmbach.
She was the daughter of Casimir, Margrave of Brandenburg-Bayreuth and
Susanna of Bavaria. They would have 11 children.

Although Frederick III of Simmern was educated in the Roman Faith he
strongly was influenced by his wife. Later he followed the Reformation.

In 1546 he made a public profession of his faith.

In 1567 Marie of Brandenburg-Kulmbach died. Frederick III married for
the second time. In 1569 he chose Amalia of Neuenahr as his bride.
This marriage remained childless.


Frederick III of Simmern became Duke with the death of his father on
May 18th. 1557. He also became elector on February 12th. 1559 with
the death of Otto Henry.

Under the reign of Frederick III, Elector Palatinate he chose in discussions,
the side of the Continental Reformed Church instead of the Lutherans.


Frederick III of Simmern died on October 26th. 1576 in Heidelberg
(now located in Germany).


From 1559 till 1576, Frederick III Elector Palatinate commissioned the
Heidelberg Catechism ( a Protestant Confessional Document).

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