Today in History - On This Day - February 19th. 1559 - Philip II, Margrave of Baden-Baden

February 19th. 1559 marks the birth of Philip II, Margrave of Baden-Baden.


His parents were Philibert of Baden-Baden and Mechtild of Bavaria.


In October 1569, Philip's father, Philibert, died during the battle of
Montcontour. Philip who was then 10 years old and his sister, Jakobae
were raised by their guardian Albert V, Duke of Bavaria in strict 
catholic faith. However at the University of Inglostadt Philip was educated
in the spirit of the counter reformation.


Philibert, Margrave of Baden-Baden had promised freedom of religion to 
his subjects, however under his son, Philip II this freedom was restricted.

In 1579 Philip gave the order to build a castle in Renaissance style. This
increased his death enormously.

During his reign, witch hunts took place. This was a dark side in the history
of Baden-Baden. In 1580, 18 women were burnt. 


Philip II, Margrave of Baden-Baden died on June 7th. 1588 with no male
descendants. He was succeeded by his cousin Edward Fortunatus. 


Philip II, Margrave of Baden-Baden was buried at the Collegiate Church of

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