Today in History - On This Day - February 21st. 1770 - Georges Mouton

February 21st. 1770 marks the birth of Georges Mouton. This took place in
Phalsbourg (France).

In 1792 he entered the Revolutionary Army. After serving in several wars,
Georges Mouton was promoted to colonel.

In 1805 Georges Mouton was promoted to général de Brigade.
In 1810 he was created Count of Lobau for his role in the battle of Aspern.

During the Russian Campaign (1812), Georges Mouton served as
aide-de-camp for Emperor Napoleon I of France.

During the Hundred Days, Georges Mouton rallied to Emperor Napoleon I
and he was made commander of the VI Infantry Corps. He led the battles of
Ligny and Waterloo. There Georges Mouton distinguished himself against
the army of Prussia.

After the Second Restorations Georges Mouton was forced to leave France,
however he returned to his country in 1818. There he was elected to the
House of Representatives as a liberal.

In 1831 he was made peer of France and Marshal for his services for
King Louis Philippe of France.

Georges Mouton died on November 27th. 1838 in Paris.

Source pictures: Wikipedia

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