Today in History - On This Day - February 28th. 1922- Independence of Egypt

From the Declaration to Egypt by His Britannic 
Majesty's Government:

Whereas His Majesty's Government, in accordance with their declared 
desire forthwith to recognize Egypt as an independent sovereign state.... 

Some modern History

The Khedivate of Egypt was until 1914 an autonomous tributary state of the
Ottoman Empire.

Beaches near Marsa Alam - Egypt - Own picture

Some Important Dates and facts

The Khedivate of Egypt was ruled by the Muhammad Ali dynasty.

On November 5th. 1914 it was declared British protectorate, when the
Ottoman Empire joined the Central Forces during World War I.

After World War I there came an Egyptian Nationalist Movement. This
led to the Egyptian Revolution in 1919.

On February 28th 1922 the UK government issued a Unilateral Declaration of

However British Military presence in Egypt lasted till 1954.

Hurghada Egypt - Own picture

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