Today in History - On This Day - February 29th. 1852 - George Maximilianovich, 6th. Duke of Leuchtenberg

February 29th. 1852 marks the birth of George Maximilianovich, 6th. Duke of
Leuchtenberg. He also was known as Prince Gregorii Romanovsky or
Georges de Bauharnais.


His parents were Maximilian de Bauharnais, 3rd. Duke of Leuchtenberg and
Grand Duchess Maria Nicolaevna of Russia.

His Grandparents were Eugène de Bauharnais and Princess Augusta of
Bavaria. Through his mother he was a grandson of Tsar Nicolas I of Russia
and Alexandra Feodorvna.


In 1854 Grand Duchess Maria Nicolaevna of Russia married secretly to
Count Gregory Stroganov. This was morganatic and it was kept secret to
Tsar Nicolas I. When Alexander II became a Tsar, Grand Duchess Maria
Nicolaevna hoped that he would recognize her secret marriage, but this
wasn't the case. She had to exile and left her children behind in St. Petersburg.

Love & Marriage

On May 12th. 1879, George married Duchess Therese Petrovna of Oldenburg.
They would have one son. Unfortunately on April 19th. 1883 she died.

On August 29th. 1889 George married Princess Anastasia of Montenegro.
The two would have 2 children.

However later George moved in with his French mistress, this made Tsar
Alexander III very angry. This marriage was thus very stormy and on
on November 15th. 1906, Princess Anastasia finally was able to divorce.


George Maximilianovich, 6th. Duke of Leuchtenberg died on May 16th. 1912
in Paris, France.

He was buried in the Grand Ducal Mausoleum in the Peter and Paul Fortress
in St. Petersburg.

Source pictures: Wikipedia

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