Today in History - On This Day - February 7th. 1317 - Robert, Count of Clermont

Robert, Count of Clermont was born in 1256 as the son of
King Louis IX of France and Margaret of Provence.

In 1272 Robert married Beatrice of Burgundy, the Heiress of
Bourbon. They would have 6 children.

In 1279 Robert suffered head injuries, which made him invalid
for the remainder of his life.

Robert & Beatrice were considered as founders of the
House of Bourbon. Their eldest son Louis became the first
Duke of Bourbon.

The House of Bourbon had links with:

* Kings of Navarre;
* Kings of France;
* Kings of the Two Sicilies;
* Dukes of Parma
* Grand Dukes of Luxembourg;
* Kings of Spain.

Robert, Count of Clermont died on February 7th. 1317.

Source picture: Wikipedia

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