Today in History - March 26th. 1554 - Charles of Lorraine, Duke of Mayenne

March 26th. 1554 marks the birth of Charles of Lorraine. This took place in
Alençon in France.


His parents were Francis, Duke of Guise and Anna d'Este. Charles of Lorraine,
 was thus a member of the noble house of Guise.

Duke of Mayenne

In 1573, Charles became Duke of Mayenne and governor of Burgundy.


In 1585 Charles of Lorraine became chief of the Catholic League in France

Love & Marriage

On August 6th. 1576 Charles married Henriette of Savoy, who was then
Marquise of Villars. They would have four children.


Charles of Lorraine died on October 3rd. 1611 in Soissons, northern

Source pictures: Wikipedia

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