Today in History - On This Day - March 13th. 1763 - Guillaume Brune, Marshal of France

On March 13th. 1763, Guillaume Brune was born in Brive-la-Gaillarde,


His parents were Étienne Brune and Jeanne de Vielbans.
Étienne Brune was a lawyer. Jeanne de Vielbans belonged
to the lower nobility.

Love & Marriage

In 1793 Guillaume Brune married Angélique Pierre. They would have
no children, however the couple adopted two daughters.


In 1793 Guillaume Brune was appointed as brigadier general.

On November 5th. 1795, he took part in the fighting of the 13 Vendémiaire
against Royalist insurgents in Paris.

In 1796 he fought under Napoleon Bonaparte in the Italian Campaign. He
was promoted to général de division for his good service in the field.

In 1798 Guillaume Brune commanded the French Army which occupied

In 1799 he commanded the French troops in Amsterdam, The Netherlands,
against the Anglo-Russian invasion of the Duke of York.

In 1802, Napoleon dispatched Brune to Constantinople. There he became
ambassador in the Ottoman Empire.

In 1804, Brune received the Title Marshal of France from Emperor
Napoleon Bonaparte.

In 1807, Brune commanded the troops in the North German Campaign and
he occupied Sweden. There Brune met King Gustav IV Adolf of Sweden.
This made Brune suspicious with Napoleon. Afterwards Brune wasn't employed
again during the Empire.

In 1815, Brune was recalled for active service. During the Hundred Days he
commanded the Army of the Var. There he defended France against the troops of
the Austrian Empire.


On August 2nd. 1815 Guillaume Brune was murdered by royalists during
the Second White Terror in Avignon. His body was thrown in the Rhone
River but later he was recovered. He was buried in a tomb at the
Saint-Just-Sauvage cemetery.

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