Today in History - On this Day - March 20th. 1811 - Napoleon II

On March 20th. 1811, Napoleon was born at the Tuileries Palace in
Paris, France.


His parents were Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte of France and
Empress Marie Louise.

Childhood in France

On June 9th. 1811 Napoleons baptism was the Notre Dame
Cathedral in Paris.

As a son of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, Napoleon already held
the titles Prince Imperial and heir apparent but Napoleon Bonaparte
gave his son the title: King of Rome.

On April 4th. 1814, Napoleon Bonaparte abdicated and the three-
year-old became Emperor of the French under the name Napoleon II.

On April 6th. 1814, Napoleon Bonaparte fully abdicated and
renounced not only his rights but also those for his descendants.

On April 23rd. 1814 mother and son were escorted by an
Austrian regiment and they left France forever, for their exile in

Youth in Austria

In 1815 after the Battle of Waterloo, Napoleon abdicated for the
second time. Meanwhile Napoleon II was raised in Austria by his
mother. He had probably never been aware of the new commotion.

From 1814 Napoleon II lived in Austria, there he took the name

In 1818 he was awarded the title Duke of Reichstadt, by his
maternal grandfather, Emperor Francis.

Napoleon II received his education from a staff of military tutors
and he developed a passion for soldiering.  He liked to dress himself
in military uniforms just like his father did.


At the age of 12, Napoleon II was made a cadet in the Austrian Army.
Tutors described him as intelligent, serious and focused.


In 1831 Napoleon alias Franz was given a command of an Austrian
battalion. However in 1832 he caught pneumonia and he died the same
year, on July 22nd. 1832 of tuberculosis at the Schönbrunn Palace in


Napoleon II was buried in Vienna. However on December 15th. 1940,
Hitler ordered the remains of Napoleon II to be transferred from Vienna
to the dome of Les Invalides in Paris. Most of the remains of Napoleon II
went to Paris, but his heart and intestines stayed in Vienna, which is a
tradition for most of the members of the House of Habsburg.

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