Today in History - April 5th. 1315 - King James III of Majorca

James III was born on April 5th. 1315 at Catania, a beautiful city located on the east
coast of Sicily.


His parents were Ferdinand of Majorca and Isabella of Sabran.

King of Majorca

In 1324, after the death of his uncle Sancho, James III became King of Majorca.
Till 1329, his uncle Philip ruled the Kingdom as regent.

Between 1343 and 1344 there was a short war and James III was driven out of

Love & Marriage

On September 24th. 1336 James III married Constance of Aragon.
Constance was the eldest daughter of King Alfonso IV of Aragon and his first
wife Teresa d'Entença. This marriage was a dynastic agreement.

James III and Constance of Aragon would have 2 children.
However Constance died soon in childbirth.

In 1347 James married his second wife Violante of Vilaragut. They had one
daughter who lived very shortly.


James III died on October 25th. 1349 during the Battle of Llucmajor, while
he tried to retake his island.

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