Today in History - On This Day - April 28th. 1612 - Odoardo Farnese, Duke of Parma

April 28th. 1612 marks the birth of Odoardo Farnese, also known as
Odoardo I Farnese, to distinguish him from his grandson
Odoardo II Farnese.


His parents were Ranuccio I Farnese and Margherita Aldobrandini.

Love & Marriage

On October 11th. 1628 Odoardo Farnese married Margherita de' Medici,
a daughter of Cosimo II de' Medici and Maria Maddalena of Austria.
This took place in Florence (Italy).

The wedding ceremonies were accompanied with much spectacle, including
the performance of a special opera.

Margherita de' Medici was described as a beautiful, amiable and well-educated
woman. The Duke was very devoted to her.


The years in which the couple ruled over Parma were marked by the Plague
in 1630. There also was a huge contrast between the Splendor of the court
and the way their subjects lived. A raise in Tax Income was used to improve
Odoardo 's army.

The Duke also had a pro-French policy, therefore he made an alliance with
France in 1633 to moved out the Spanish troops from his Duchy.

Finally in 1637, Pope  Urbanus VIII convinced him to sign a peace treaty.
In 1641 the Duke was excommunicated by the same Pope, however due
to a peace in 1644 Odoardo Farnese was reconciled with the
Roman Catholic Church.


On September 11th. 1646, Odoardo I Farnese, died suddenly in his
favorite residence, Piacenza (Italy).

Source picture: Wikipedia

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