History - OnThisDay - May 26th. 1055 - Death of Adalbert Margrave of Austria

Adalbert, Margrave of Austria was born around 985 as the third son of
Leopold I, Margrave of Austria and Richardis of Sualafeldgau.

Love and Marriage

Adalbert married twice. The first time he married Glismod of West-Saxony.
They had no children.

The second time Adalbert married Frozza Orseolo, a daughter of
Otto Orseolo (Doge of Venice) and Grimelda of Hungary. Frozza was a sister
of Peter, King of Hungary.

Adalbert and Frozza would have one son together, called Ernest. Their son
became Margrave of Austria too.


When Henri I, Margrave of Austria died in 1018, Adalbert succeeded his
older brother.

As Margrave he supported Holy Roman Emperor, Henry III with his battles
against Hungary and Bohemia.


Adalbert lived in the Lower Austrian Babenberg in the Castle of Melk.
Later the Melk Abbey was developed there.


Adalbert died on May 26th. 1055 at Melk, Austria.

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