Today in History OnThisDay - May 13th. 1254 - Marie of Brabant, Queen of France

Marie of Brabant was born on May 13th. 1254 in Leuven (now located in Belgium).


Her parents were Henry III, Duke of Brabant and Adelaide of Burgundy.
Marie of Brabant was by birth a member of the Noble House of Reginar.

Love and Marriage

On August 21st. 1274 Marie of Brabant married Philip III of France.
Philip III of France was a widower and his first wife Isabella already gave him
three sons.

Marie of Brabant and Philip III of France also had three children:

- Louis d'Évreaux;
- Margaret (who would marry King Edward I of England);
- Blanche (who would marry Rudolf I of Bohemia).

At the Royal Court

Philip III of France was strongly influenced by his mother Margaret of Provence
and Marie wasn't popular at all.

When Marie's stepson Louis died under suspicious circumstances, she
was suspected.

In the later years Philip III of France did seem more agree with his mother than
with his wife.

In a convent

From 1285 (after the death of King Philip III of France), Marie of Brabant
went to a monastery.


Marie of Brabant died on January 12th. 1322 (or 1321) in the monastery of
Les Mureaux near Meulan (France).

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