History - OnThisDay - June 16th. 1047 - Poppo, archbishop of Trier

Poppo von Babenberg was born around 986 as the son of Emperor Leopold I
of Austria and Richardis of Sualafeldgau.

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Poppo had several siblings inter alia:

- Henry I, Margrave of Austria;
- Ernest I, Duke of Swabia;
- Adalbert, Margrave of Austria ...


Poppo was educated in Regensburg (now Germany).

In 1007, Henry II, Holy Roman Emperor, appointed him as the
first provost of his new cathedral in Bamberg.

In 1015, Henry succeeded Archbishop Megingod in Trier. In 1016
this was confirmed by Pope Benedict IX.

Poppo was involved with the extension of the Trier Cathedral.


Poppo died on June 16th. 1047, during an inspection of the construction
works of the Trier Cathedral.

Cathedral of Trier

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