History - OnThisDay - June 20th. 1634 - Charles Emmanuel II, Duke of Savoy

June 20th. 1634 marks the birth of Charles Emmanuel II, Duke of Savoy
(in Italian: Carlo Emanuele II di Savoia). This took place in Turin,

Charles Emmanuel with his sister


His parents were Victor Amadeus I, Duke of Savoy and
Princess Christine of France.

His maternal grandparents were King Henry IV of France and
Maria de' Medici.

Duke of Savoy

In 1638 Charles Emmanuel II became Duke of Savoy after the
death of his elder brother Francis Hyacint.

Due to his early age, his mother Christine of France governed
in his place.

When Charles Emmanuel reached his adulthood he asked his
mother to continue her reigning over the duchy, while he had
a life full of pleasure far away from the affairs of state.

In 1663 Christine of France died and Charles Emmanuel
received the real power over the Duchy.

Then he improved the commerce and the wealth of the Duchy.
He ordered to develop the port of Nice and to build a road in
the Alps towards France.

Charles Emmanuel also reformed the army. He formed five
regiments and recreated cavalry as well as introducing their

He gave the order to build many splendid buildings in Turin.

With his son Victor Amadeus II

Love and Marriage

When Charles Emmanuel met Marie Jeanne of Savoy for the
first time in 1659 he immediately fell in love with her.

However his mother was against this wedding and she
encouraged him to marry Françoise Madeleine d'Orléans,
a daughter of Gaston d'Orléans . Gaston d'Orleans was the
brother of Christine of France, Charles Emmanuel 's

On April 3rd. 1663 the two married. Françoise Madeleine
d'Orléans died in 1664 and his mother in 1663, so
Charles Emmanuel II, Duke of Savoy was free to marry
his big love.

On May 20th. 1665 the two married and the couple
had one son: Victor Amadeus II of Savoy.

According to some historical sources Charles Emmanuel II,
Duke of Savoy also had 5 illegitimate children with 3
different mistresses.


Charles Emmanuel II, Duke of Savoy died on June 12th. 1675.
He was buried at the Cathedral of Turin.

Source pictures: Wikipedia

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