History - OnThisDay - June 29th. 1475 - Beatrice d' Este

On June 29th. 1475 a very noble girl was born. She received the name:
Beatrice d' Este. This birth took place in Ferrara, Italy.


Her parents were Ercole I d' Este and Leonora of Naples. One of
Beatrice 's siblings, Isabella, married Francesco II Gonzaga,
Marquess of Mantua.

Love and Marriage

In 1480, to obtain an alliance, Ludovico Sforza asked formally
for Beatrice's hand by her father.

Small detail: Ludovico first asked the hand of Beatrice 's elder
sister: Isabella. She was already promised to Francesco II Gonzaga.
Although Ludovico didn't make an objection to marry Beatrice.

In January 1491 a double wedding took place:

Beatrice d' Este and Ludovico Sforza
Alfonso d' Este (Beatrice's brother) and Anna Sforza (Ludovico's niece).

Beatrice and Ludovico would have two children.

Life at the court

Beatrice d' Este was educated very well. She liked the Milanese court
immediately. Beatrice made from the Sforza Castle a place full of
splendid festivals and balls. She was entertained by philosophers, poets,
diplomats and soldiers.


Beatrice d' Este died due to a childbirth on January 3rd. 1497 at the age
of 21.

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